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For a tutorial on how to prepare the sewing pattern files for use with your fabric designs, Tutorial

If you're not a textile designer but would like to sew one of my projects, click here


For Textile Designers

Welcome to my page for textile designers.  

After noticing that most of the fabric I sell on Spoonflower is swatches and fat quarters for quilts, I decided to make it easier for people to learn how to construct things like pillows and garments as well.   Figuring that perhaps it's a little tricky and intimidating for beginners to start a typical sewing project without someone on hand to guide them through it, I decided to create some super-simplified cut and sew projects with nice straight forward tutorials.

I started by making some cut & sew patterns for throw pillows since they're so easy to make and they instantly transform a room.  I designed them with a super-easy velcro closure design and I made a detailed illustrated tutorial and an animated how-to  video show beginners how to make them.

Not being a wiz at marketing, I thought that I'd have even better luck selling my work and teaching people to sew if I shared my patterns with other textile designers like you.  I figured that once someone learns how to sew one of my patterns, they may like to do others just like it as well.

You are free to use my Photoshop sewing pattern files. You just need to overlay your textile designs on the pattern pieces (I'll show you how below) and then you can sell them on Spoonflower.   I've even provided sketches you can use to show your customers what the finished project will look like using your fabric. 

For access to my files, please fill out the form below with your name and e-mail address.   After you receive your confirmation e-mail, you will have permission to download the files from Google Drive.

Make sure to let me know where you post these designs for sale on Spoonflower or elsewhere or any images of the completed sewing projects so I can try and help promote your work.

Remember to use "Maidenhair Patterns" (including quotes) as well as the pattern number (example MHP0001) as keywords on your Spoonflower designs. That way, they will show up on listings for these patterns so people can find your work.   Also, for each pattern, I’ll let you know the fabric it is designed for since I design each project for a specific Spoonflower fabric accounting for fabric width and shrinkage.  Make sure your customers know which fabrics to choose when making their purchases.  

I hope we have good luck with this! If so, I'd love to make other sewing patterns to share as well. You can help me decide what to do next. 

Please let me know if you have questions, so I can make sure everything is easy to understand. (You are my Beta testers.) Also, please do not change any parts of the file other than what I've shown below.  I'd like our customers to know what to expect when they purchase a certain pattern (for example, if they sew one set of MPH0001 pillows and then wish to buy another from a different designer, I want them to expect the pillows to assemble and fit the same way each time). If you really feel that a sewing pattern needs to be changed, please let me know and I can make your version of the pattern available as another item.

First, I'll need to give you access to download the Photoshop files. For that, I'll need your e-mail address (please enter it in the form below). I'll also use your e-mail address to keep you up-to-date on any new patterns I create and to let you know of any issues or helpful tips. I promise not to fill up your inbox or sell your address to others.

Follow the link on the confirmation e-mail to download the files. Then see my Tutorial on how to use the files.

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